Friday, 20 March 2009

Mukhtar Mai Got Married With A Policeman

“Mukhtar Mai” a pakistani gang rape victim women. Mukhtar Mai was raped allegedly ordered by a village council as a punishment for a misdemeanour blamed on her brother. She got married with a policeman Nasir Abbas Gabol belong to Muzaffargarh. Some people say that Ms Mai said that she would not marry, but she tells I said only that relationships are in the hands of Allah and if I got a good man I will absolutely get marry. Mukhtar Mai is one of two wives of constable Nasir Abbas. The marriage was solemnised at a simple ceremony in her village, Mirwala. She first met Nasir Abbas when he was posted at the police station in the village after her gang rape in 2002. About two years ago cnstable Nasir Abbas proposed Ms Mai but declined as she knew that he is already married and she did not want to ruin his first wife’s life.

But after Mukhtar Mai rejection Naisr Abbas told her that if she will not marry with him, he will threatened to divorce his first wife. He also tried to commit suicide. His sisters are married into his first wife’s family - and in a tit-for-tat move they were threatened with divorce too if Nasir Abbas divorced his first wife. Nasir Abbas’s first wife and his two sisters approached Mukhtar Mai and pleaded with her to marry Nasir Abbas. So she got married because she did not want to break up three families. Mukhtar Mai was honoured as Woman of the Year by Glamour magazine in a ceremony in Washington in 2005.T he award praised Ms Mai for “her incredible courage and optimism in the face of terrible violence”.

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