Sunday, 29 March 2009

Pakistani Media Portrys Bad image of Pakistan

Pakistani Media Portrys Bad image of Pakistan

Dawn the most prestigious newspaper of Pakistan exposed one of the TV cannels making a drama of Pakistan’s pverty
In the pictures below is the crew from a private TV channel trying, what could best be described as manipulation if not outright dishonesty. A nomad woman who, along with her child, is on her way to work, was asked to take off her kid’s clothes. They then filmed the child naked, most probably to depict abject poverty in the outskirts of Islamabad. Once the filming was done, the crew walked away without much remorse, but after giving the child a note of Rs100. Arundhati Roy was right: there is money in poverty. Journalist organisations believe that at a time when television journalism in the country has touched new heights in terms of providing truthful news to millions of viewers in the country, use of unethical means by a handful remains a matter of concern.—Text and photos by Tanveer Shahzad

The lady was carrying cotton in a happy and humble mood while the camera man of the ill mannered TV channel caught her and prumably asked to take her picture and out of politeness she permited him

Now the bugger asked her to take her little angels clothes off to portray a thrilling image of Pakistan

Now the so called expert jounalist is exposing Pakistan nacked shame of such Channels and such people. This happens every where the be it security situation or be it when they want to insult the government.

Woman obviously innocently laughs and feels proud of her son while not knowing what story this iletrate and shamless media man Will Tell To The World.

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